SAFETY: Hard facts

In 2014, the carelessness of adults and minors handling cigarettes, including butt-ends, caused some 36,800 fires all over the country, with 1,100 fires started by minors. The number of fires caused by e-cigarettes: 0.

E-cigarettes are alternative nicotine products where no combustion takes place. The heating elements that heat up the liquid are located in a sealed housing and do not pose any fire hazard under normal operating conditions. Yet another argument that should be taken into consideration when evaluating the so-called social costs and budget regulations concerning e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes not only mean that there is no passive smoking effect, but also no hazard associated with smoking cigarettes in places where butt-ends may cause fires … says Jerzy Jurczyński, eSmoking Association PR.

The data gathered by the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service and obtained by the association in the last year, a total of 630 people perished in 2010-2013 in fires presumably caused by the carelessness of adults and minors handling cigarettes, including butt-ends. According to the statistics, around 30% of fires in forests and abandoned real estate is caused accidentally, e.g. by throwing away non-extinguished cigarette butt-ends.


Based on:  NH SFS statistical data [source: www.kgpsp.gov.pl, 28.10.2015] and information from NH SFS dated 06.05.2015. Image: wikipedia.org