POLAND: The Prime Minister is demanding answers from the Ministry of Health on e-cigarettes

The Prime Minister’s Chancellery filed a request to the Ministry of Health for explanation of the Minister of Health statement on electronic cigarettes manufacturers.

On September 27th, the Minister of Health publicly stated that “Manufacturers [of e-cigarettes] who profit from this enormously – and this is a gigantic industry and huge money – are deliberately failing to speak the truth. They claim the e-cigarettes are not harmful. They are less harmful than pure tobacco, but they are still harmful”.

The minister’s statement ushered a resolute response from the trade’s eSmoking Association which filed a complaint with this regard to the Polish government head and called for governmental examination that would compare health risks posed by e-cigarettes against those associated with tobacco products and tobacco smoke.

– The Minister of Health is questioning the credibility of e-cigarette businesses. The Ministry of Health officials are questioning the credibility of results of international scientific research finding that e-cigarettes are many times less harmful than tobacco products.  The obvious result of the ministry’s actions is discouraging smokers from quitting and choosing alternative nicotine product that does not expose them to lethal tobacco smoke. This is why we are looking forward to a public debate on e-cigarettes, one based on scientific facts, and we are hoping the Ministry of Health conduct independent scientific research, since the ministry’s officials keep questioning results obtained by the world’s leading experts in this field – says Jerzy Jurczyński, eSmoking Association’s PAff officer.