E-cig: sexual abuse case

E-cigarettes have nothing to do with sexual abuse, yet certain comparisons surfacing in the media actually veer towards this level of absurdity. So with no further ado we are presenting the top 10 most absurd and biased accusations towards electronic cigarettes.


  1. E-cigarettes are 10 times more harmful that traditional cigarettes – a report drawn up by the National Institute of Public Health in Japan concludes that e-cigarettes emit 10 times more toxic carbonyl compounds than traditional cigarettes. However, the concentration of carcinogenic substances was the highest when the device heating the nicotine liquid overheated. According to the research by Farsalinos’ team, this situation is only possible in laboratory conditions – in reality, a user cannot use an e-cigarette with an overheated heating unit and inhale the nasty burnt smoke.  When using the e-cigarette correctly, formaldehyde is generated in minimal quantities – 30 – 250 times less when compared to analogue cigarettes.


  1. The quantity of ethyl alcohol present in liquids may be harmful – Let’s stay calm here. The quantity of ethyl alcohol found in liquids is too small to have any impact on our organisms. This is also why e-smokers who drive often do not have to worry about sobriety checks by the police.


  1. Nicotine in e-cigarettes kills – plenty of myths surrounding nicotine seem to be alive and well. According to the estimates by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), 9 out of 10 Englishmen believe that nicotine is a harmful substance. The addictive nature of nicotine present in traditional cigarettes is related to the combination of tobacco and other chemical compounds, such as tar substances and arsenic. E-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy products (chewing gum, pastilles and patches) are free from such substances.  This is why RSPH experts recommend encouraging smokers to use alternative products containing nicotine and they compare being addicted to “pure” nicotine, as to the effect of … caffeine.


  1. E-cigarettes “imperfectly imitate” traditional smoking – the unmistakable irritation of the throat when inhaling the smoke from traditional cigarettes is mainly caused by tar substances in the tobacco. In electronic cigarettes, the effect of “the first hit” depends on the intensity and flavor of the liquid – the higher the content of nicotine, the stronger the effect. Tobacco extract, along with menthol, reinforce the taste. Beginner e-smokers can choose from dozens of various liquids in the market to find their favorite ones.


  1. Electronic cigarettes are more addictive than traditional ones – two independent studies by Dr Laugesen and Dr Thomas Eissenberg proved that e-cigarettes are not as effective at providing nicotine as tobacco smoke and that e-smokers inhale less of this alkaloid. Moreover, smokers tend to “self-regulate” the number of cigarettes smoked per day. The same happens with e-cigarettes – after inhaling a satisfactory dose of nicotine, e-smokers stop experiencing nicotine craving and refrain from inhaling more.


  1. E-cigarettes introduce non-smokers and juveniles to smoking traditional cigarettes – according to the official report by Public Health England, there are currently no scientific proof that would confirm that e-cigarettes are the initial step to tobacco addiction. It is estimated that this problem affects fewer than 1% of all users.


  1. E-cigarettes are harmful to people nearby – with electronic cigarettes it is hard to talk about the passive smoking effect, as no secondary smoke is generated when using an e-cigarette; secondary smoke coming from traditional cigarettes contains over 4,000 harmful substances. E-cigarettes do not generate smoke by themselves and the mist only appears when the user inhales. Apart from that, the vapor exhaled by e-smokers is virtually neutral to health. The e-smoker’s body absorbs the most of nicotine and only trace amounts are exhaled, comparable in quantity to those present in foodstuffs, such as potatoes, tomatoes or eggplant.


  1. E-smoking is more costly than smoking traditional cigarettes – it is a fact that the cost of purchase of an e-cigarette is the biggest expense – depending on the brand, an e-cigarette may cost a few dozen or even a few hundred PLN. Still, in general using e-cigarettes is over 70% cheaper than smoking cigarettes (assuming you smoke one packet of cigarettes and switch to the same “amount” of e-cigs).


  1. Using e-cigarettes is like having sex with a robot? In the second season of the True Detective series, Colin Farrell who plays Ray Velcoro, compares e-smoking in no gentle terms to having sex with … a robot (and might we add that the context is far from positive). OK, fine. We just find it hard to explain the origin of this “factual” comparison. Perhaps the point was to create a soulless opposition to the iconic cowboy everybody knows from the ads of traditional cigarettes. The fact that five actors impersonating the cowboy died from tobacco-related diseases speaks for itself. We would also like to cite one of the American e-cigarette makers in reply to Colin.


  1. E-cigarettes are not as cool as traditional cigarettes – no scientific facts can be used to fight this argument. Still, let’s see how the legend around traditional cigarettes came to life. Tobacco makers built their might, among else, by entering into multi-million dollar contracts with Hollywood stars. Even after cigarette ads were banned, the tobacco industry paid for localizing cigarettes in such blockbusters as: Apocalypse Now, Jaws or Grease.  The canonic image of a smoking rebel quickly became a part of pop culture, but the growing awareness of the society and the push for healthy lifestyle made cigarettes undesirable.  When e-cigarettes emerged, those who either cannot or do not want to completely stop smoking started using them, including celebrities (Leonardo DiCaprio became one of the most famous e-smokers).   Still, saying that e-cigarettes are cool is a stretch. Rather, it is a product for accomplished adults who value themselves. Whether e-cigs are cool gadgets is just less relevant.